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Contents1 Accessing economic calendar at IQ Option2 Forex Calendar3 Earnings Calendar4 Crypto Calendar Accessing economic calendar at IQ Option At IQ Option trading platform calendars are located in the market analysis section on the left-hand side panel. You can use a forex calendar, an earnings calendar and a crypto calendar. Forex Calendar Let's study the […] First of all, you can improve your understanding of technical analysis by opening an IQ Option demo account from here and using the platform. The Continuation Patterns are a pause “incorporated” into the price action of varying durations. Let’s take a line chart as an example. The price will point to a continuous, wavy line every time. Make Money In Iq Option Simply By Trading Forex With The Triangle Pattern. Posted on April 30, 2020 February 16, 2021 by Nate Blackburn. we now go to the technical aspects of actually creating a system. While many gurus that asks for money from seminars will try to cater your insecurity by saying words you do not understand so as to become Technical analysis is all about learning how to read the charts of the assets to be traded. Some of the popular patterns that a South African trader needs to master include: double top, head and shoulders, rising or falling wedge, pennant and triangle. Mastering these patterns, though technical, can be achieved very fast, probably in a day or two. A candlestick that signals continuation can come in several different forms. For example, it can be a very bullish candle that is an impulsive, during a fairly reliable uptrend. In other words, it seems that the buying pressure has picked back up. This obviously works in downtrend as well, as a strong red candle in a downtrend also suggests that the momentum is picking up. Essentially, those Triangles are technical analysis tools that belong to continuation patterns when trading on the IQ Option platform. This pattern usually forms along a trend. It's hard to recognize one unless you draw it. Drawing a triangle pattern requires you identify at least 2 highs and 2 lows along the trend. Some continuation chart patterns include: √ Flag √ Wedge √ Triangle √ Cup and Handle. Some bilateral chart patterns include: √ Ascending Triangle. √ Descending Triangle. √ Symmetrical Triangle. The Double Top and Double Bottom patterns are what I like to use for trading in IQ Option. Trendline in technical analysis One of the most useful tools a trader can ever ask for is chart patterns. With their help, traders can easily understand the market's direction as they formulate based on buying and selling pressure on the market.. Traders often utilize the various forex chart patterns to identify either reversal signals or continuation signals, which helps them seek out the best open positions and price

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